Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Last Mile of the Way

Guess what?! We're almost completely finished with our bedroom!  I've had so much fun sprucing this room up.  There are a few things we still need to change, add/take away and tweak before we can say it is done.  Right now, I'd like to give you a quick sneak peak of the room and also ask your opinion on something.  When the room is completely finished, I will do my big "reveal" and share all the details of where items were purchased, prices, how-to's, etc.

The room went from this...

to this...

to this...

From a different angle, from this...

to this...

So, what'cha think?  I'd love to hear what you like/don't like, etc.  We've done more to the space than can be seen in the above pics, including window treatments, bookcase arrangements, other wall art, but I'd like to share all that once we are completely finished.

Before I let you go, I'd like to steal a few more minutes of your time and get your opinion.  One of the big decisions we are trying to make right now is in regards to the mirror above our "new" (craigslist) Ikea Hemnes dresser.  After deciding we'd paint our headboard black (still needs to be done), we realized it was important to incorporate the black in other areas of the room.  With this in mind, we purchased the Hemnes Mirror from Ikea in black but, after we hung it, we weren't completely sold on the way it looked.  I feel as though it demands too much of your attention when you walk in the room, drawing your eyes away from what I intended to be the focal point of the room, the bed and frame arrangement above it.  I believe this is because the mirror's framing is too wide.  I would really appreciate your input as to what you think we should do.

 From a slightly different angle...

Now I'd like to share the same pictures modified by my husband on PhotoShop to change the black mirror frame to white just so you can get an idea as to what it would look like.  I was reluctant to go with white because I don't want everything to look too matchy-matchy, you know?  :o) (such a sophisticated term huh?)  There is already a lot of white in the room, but now that I see it, I think I might like it.  Ugh.  So torn.

Another option we have is a thinner black frame.  (similar to the Stave mirror from Ikea)  Here again my husband working his photoshop magic.

So, what do you think?  If this were your room, which would you choose? 


  1. Stacy, My jaw literally dropped when I saw the after pic. of the bed. It looks so good with those frames above it and the white bedding. It all ties together very well now. I love it! My favorite mirror for the dresser would be the white one.It just seems to visually work better in that space. I love the idea of incorporating black, especially somewhere on the dresser, but would do it with other items, not the mirror. You have done an amazing job so far and I cannot wait for the big reveal!
    Love and miss you,

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  3. Stacy, wow is all I can say!:D Looks fabulous, and mom thinks so too. I called her over to check it out. I agree with with Belky's advice about the white mirror and black items underneath. Cant wait to see it when your completely finished. I love you and miss you all terribly. <3

    I deleted my last comment so it would say "your brother said" at the top lol

  4. I absolutely love the picture frame design you did above your bed! What a great a idea to frame letters from your dating years to personalize your bedroom.
    As for the mirror, I agree with Belky. I like the mirror with the thick white frame. The black one seems to overstate it's presence in the room.
    The room looks so fresh and relaxing. You've done a great job! :)
    Love and miss you.