Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Window Without a View

It is quite common here in New Jersey to look out of a window and see....a brick wall. :o)  This is the case with my bedroom window but I've gotta say I don't mind it one bit.   Lucky for us the brick wall (which is actually the side wall of the fire station) is not very close to our house. It's actually about 10 ft. away and thus does not block the sunlight.  As promised yesterday, I'd like to share pictures of our window and how we've dressed her up.  She went from sad to rad. Lol! Sorry, it's late. :o)

Here she is before the makeover began:

As you can tell, she is not centered on the wall, so we used this idea of hanging the blinds and curtains over to the right some to make her appear centered.

The Mirada bamboo blinds we bought at The Home Depot and the black curtain rod at Target. We chose Ikea's versatile and affordable Ritva curtain panels, paying $19.99 for the pair. They are sold long (98") to be hemmed at desired length.  We hung them, pinned the bottom up, removed them, hemmed and ironed them and hung them again. The curtains come with an iron-on hemming strip, but I decided to sew the hem up instead so that it will be easier to adjust the length if we need it for a different window in the future.

So, there you have it, a play by play of how our window went from this...

to this...

Isn't she pur-tee?

The next design dilemma in our bedroom? The bookcase. Stay tuned for I'll soon be posting some of my inspiration pictures for this project and what we've done so far.  Buh-Bye!


  1. We have another makeover winner! I have to say, I love seeing all your room makeovers, they always amaze me. Looking at the last picture, you would never guess that the window is not centered. What a great idea to extend the rod to one side to hide that little defect. The room looks so great, I think you're gonna have to let me sleep in there next time I visit. :)
    I can't wait to see what you're gonna do with the bookcases. I just remembered how I accidentally gave you the short bookcase but now I see that it worked out since they seem to fit perfect in that little nook. If you had the wider one, you wouldn't have been able to put them there.
    I'll be checking back often for another great post from you. I'll also try to take some pictures to post my closet solution and my new curtains. Love ya!

  2. Stacy, I am completely blown away by your talent. That room looks absolutely beautiful. Wow! I never expected it would look that good. The window looks a.ma.zing and I really love the combination of those curtains with that blind. It was a real treat this morning to check and find that you had posted and I cannot wait to see pictures of what you did with Macho's office. I will call you later.
    Love you...

  3. Great idea, Stacy! It looks beautiful! You'll be one of the features tomorrow!

  4. That is a brilliant way to make the window seem centered. Love the look of the white with the bamboo shade.

  5. Stacy!! I love what you did with the room! Can't wait to go visit you guys