Monday, February 28, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration Pictures

Yep, more inspiration pictures folks.  This time I'd like to share a slew of kitchen pictures that all have one thing in common, the dynamic combination of black counter tops and white cabinets.  I've loved this trend for a long time and was very thrilled when my dear friend Lisa informed me that she is going to use this color combination in her new kitchen.  Way to go Lisa!  :) Stop by Love Grows in Little Houses and check out how things are coming along.  Because of my instant attraction to all kitchens sporting the black and white, I've got lots of pictures stored in my "beautiful rooms" folder. Many of these (first 8 and last 2) were taken from the amazing site Decor Pad that is just bursting with images of gorgeous spaces.  As I mentioned in the previous post, when it comes to inspiration pictures, we will not always like every detail of the setup, but will come away with some great ideas none the less.  Prepare to be inspired!  WARNING:  There are 12 pictures!  I just couldn't leave any of them out.  (Please excuse the poor quality of some of these pictures.)

Unknown Source

Ok, it's true, the last picture is a laundry room and not a kitchen, but it still fit's the bill:  black counter top *check* white cabinets *check* farmhouse sink *check* open shelving with basket storage *check* lovely *check*.  =)  So, what do you think?  Let me know!

Decor Pad Picture Credits: 1- Laurel Ridge Homes 2- Jeff Lewis Designs 3- Southern Living 4- Ryan Brown 5- Susan Gilmore Photography 6- Alisberg Parker Architects  7- Anne Tumer Carroll Kitchen  11- Mark Badgley and James Mischka 12- Ken Gemes Interiors

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Entryway Inspiration Pictures

Being the blogsville addict that I am, I have hundreds of inspiration pictures stored on my computer.  There is just so much aesthetic beauty to be found out there. Below are pictures of entryways that have caught my fancy and consequently found their way into my "Beautiful Rooms" folder.  I share these to help inspire my lovely sister Belky (over at The Pear Tree Cottage) as she works toward transforming her entryway into a functional and attractive area of her home.  She is quite talented and I simply love her style, so I am confident that whatever she decides to do will look phenomenal.   In truth, I hope these pictures inspire you all.

So, there you have it...beautiful entryways galore. :o)  As we all know, when it comes to inspiration pictures, we will not always like every detail of the setup, but will come away with some great ideas none the less.  That is true for my opinion of these as well.  For example, I really like the board and batten seen in Nutty Girls entryway (7th pic) but I am not particularly fond of how much she accessorized. It looks a bit too cluttered for me.  I chose the Pottery Barn pic because I think the numbers on the baskets are adorable.  I love interior doors painted black as seen in the Old Painted Cottage entryway, as well as the black table seen in the Canadian House and Home pic.  Just remember, take the good and leave the bad.  :o)  Love you all.

Friday, February 18, 2011

You did WHAT?!?

Yep, I did.  Instead of painting my orange-toned wooden chest of drawers, I covered it with white, removable contact paper. I know, crazy huh?  What can I say, when you poah, you gotta get creative man! Lol!  Well, actually, I can't take credit for such an original thought.  My sister (love you belk) sent me a link to this site, where I got the idea from this talented lady, who made the radical decision to cover the kitchen cabinets of her rental home with removal, white contact paper. (off topic-click here to read one of my favorite posts on her site, amazing writer).  I should pause for a moment to say that what I would really love to see take the place of this piece is something like this:

 ...or this... I mentioned before, girl's gotta work with what she has, ya know? So, let's see, where was I?  Oh yes, well, when I shared the insane idea with my hubby, he laughed, but then, being the sweet, wife-pleasing man that he is,  he agreed to help me attempt this crazy feat.  It was a long, drawn out process in which we had to go slow and be very careful. Here are the before pics.

Yucky huh?  (Lylah informed me today "Mommy, yucky means gross ok?") Gross? Yep, sure is! It's definitely seen better days (or maybe not).  Anyway, the process of covering it took us about 1 hour.  As you will notice in the below after pictures, we weren't unable to cover certain parts/areas because they were too bumpy (too many curves and ridges)  We are going to be painting these areas.  I've got to say, we couldn't be happier with the results.  We were absolutely blown away by how well it turned out.  I will go as far as to say that, I believe it looks better than it would have, had it been painted (no streaks).  Not to mention how happy we were to avoid hours of sanding, priming, and painting this baby.  Although we are still going to have to paint some, it is not much, and for this we are very grateful.  To test our finished product's authentic "painted" look, we told Abuela Eloisa we'd painted it and asked her to tell us what she thought.  She was so impressed!  "You painted it so well!" was what she said.  SCORE!  So.... without further she is in all (well, nearly all) of her white and bright glory. 

That mirror will hopefully be replaced or transformed soon, but I am so in love with that bouquet!! (purchased at Home Goods) It was made with dried strips of banana leaves.  The leaves were dyed to perfection with colors to match my color scheme.  The adorable ceramic jar with lid (bought at TJ Max on sale 50% off) is also the perfect color.  I have to confess (warning: you're going to laugh)  that the jar is actually for doggy treats.  Crazy right?  I know, it's just too precious to be wasted on smelly, icky treats.  It is now the proud keeper of the princess' bows and frills. (Lylah's, not mine).  So, what do you think of my insanely wacky chest of drawers transformation?  I know, it's not finished, but imagine how great it will look when the details are attended to.  I must say, when I saw how good it turned out, I ran to Wal-Mart and bought two more rolls of that contact paper.  I wanna run over there right now and buy two more. What if they run out?  What if they discontinue this particular roll?  I can't pass up the opportunity to transform pieces of my furniture for a measly $5! The thing is, it's gotta be this exact paper.

The sheen is just right, not too shiny nor too dull. Ok (starting to panic)...maybe I should buy all the rolls they have in stock.  :o)  You wondering what I'm planning to cover next?  Well, there's that bookcase in the kids room, that side table in the office, the computer's the limit folks!  Love you all!

Monday, February 14, 2011

River Rock

That's the Behr color I used on the walls of my bedroom.  I love it!  It's soothing and cool.  Quite different from the bright and loud yellow it sported before.  Here is a picture of the room before we painted the walls and night stands.

The above picture was take at night with the lamps on so I took an after picture with the same lighting.  The second after picture I took during the day with the lamps off.

As you can tell, the color looks quite different when the lighting changes.  At night, with lamp light, the color looks more blue and during the daytime with natural lighting the color looks greener.  Either way, love the color very much.  So, what do ya'll think?  Also would like your opinion about the headboard.  I feel inclined to leave it as is and not paint it white like the nightstands.  Don't really like things too matchy matchy but I don't know....what would you do? Thanks for your input.  Love and miss you guys!