Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Entryway Inspiration Pictures

Being the blogsville addict that I am, I have hundreds of inspiration pictures stored on my computer.  There is just so much aesthetic beauty to be found out there. Below are pictures of entryways that have caught my fancy and consequently found their way into my "Beautiful Rooms" folder.  I share these to help inspire my lovely sister Belky (over at The Pear Tree Cottage) as she works toward transforming her entryway into a functional and attractive area of her home.  She is quite talented and I simply love her style, so I am confident that whatever she decides to do will look phenomenal.   In truth, I hope these pictures inspire you all.

So, there you have it...beautiful entryways galore. :o)  As we all know, when it comes to inspiration pictures, we will not always like every detail of the setup, but will come away with some great ideas none the less.  That is true for my opinion of these as well.  For example, I really like the board and batten seen in Nutty Girls entryway (7th pic) but I am not particularly fond of how much she accessorized. It looks a bit too cluttered for me.  I chose the Pottery Barn pic because I think the numbers on the baskets are adorable.  I love interior doors painted black as seen in the Old Painted Cottage entryway, as well as the black table seen in the Canadian House and Home pic.  Just remember, take the good and leave the bad.  :o)  Love you all.


  1. I absolutely love these inspiration pictures for entryway ideas. I really like the ones that have the benches. It just seems so inviting to sit down and slip off your shoes so you can get cozy and relax. :) I also like the picture collage layout in the Canadian House & Home. That would be something nice to incorporate in a room design. Almost anything that involves wicker baskets of some sort is usually up my alley & Pottery Barn is known for incorporating these into their designs.
    I can't wait to see what kitchen inspiration pics you have to share. I'll come back to visit soon. Love ya!

  2. Stacy thanks for the inspiration pics! Your the best!

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