Monday, February 14, 2011

River Rock

That's the Behr color I used on the walls of my bedroom.  I love it!  It's soothing and cool.  Quite different from the bright and loud yellow it sported before.  Here is a picture of the room before we painted the walls and night stands.

The above picture was take at night with the lamps on so I took an after picture with the same lighting.  The second after picture I took during the day with the lamps off.

As you can tell, the color looks quite different when the lighting changes.  At night, with lamp light, the color looks more blue and during the daytime with natural lighting the color looks greener.  Either way, love the color very much.  So, what do ya'll think?  Also would like your opinion about the headboard.  I feel inclined to leave it as is and not paint it white like the nightstands.  Don't really like things too matchy matchy but I don't know....what would you do? Thanks for your input.  Love and miss you guys! 


  1. I really like the color you chose. It makes the room look so fresh and relaxing.
    I kind of like the idea of having the different pieces of furniture different colors. It gives the room more of a unique feeling rather than a bedroom in a box sort of thing. None of my furniture matches in my br but it does not coordinate together at all. Your pieces have the same style and feel so even though they are different colors, they go well together and compliment one another. Still, you can't go wrong with white. This headboard is detailed enough that if you chose to paint it white, it would still look really good and even give it a crisp look--not that it doesn't look good now.

    Not sure if my input will be very helpful since I gave good reasons for both sides. I'm not used to being a commentator yet on blogs, so bear with me for not being to detailed in my comments. :)In the end, it's what makes you feel comfortable that matters. Besides, you have a talent for home design. I wish you could be here to help me with our upcoming project. I will just have to get your help through blogging & emailing pictures back and forth. :)
    I miss you and your sweet family. Love y'all!

  2. I absolutely love how the color looks in that room. The nightstands look so awesome painted white. It is truly amazing what a coat of paint will do! I love the headboard as is but would like to see more white incorporated throughout like above the headboard in the form of picture frames and on the bed with sheets or throw pillow so it will all look more balanced and cohesive. If you do paint the headboard white though I am sure it would look really good because it is so ornate like Lisa said. I will be posting inspiration pics of bedrooms for you on my blog later tonight.