Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Celebrating Life and Love

October 2nd is a special day for our family.  It is a day in which we celebrate life and love.

On October 2, 1915, in Matanzas, Cuba, a beautiful blue-eyed girl was born, the third child of what would soon be a family of five children. Her parents named her Angela.  When Angela was 21, she gave birth to a little girl she named Eloisa.  Eloisa grew into a lovely young woman and had two sons of her own, Miguel and Hiram.  When the boys were 7/8 yrs old, Eloisa moved them and her mother Angela to the United States.  The boys grew up in northern New Jersey.  On October 2, 1977, the two handsome young men married two special young ladies, Esther and Noemi.  Hiram and Noemi had three children of their own. Well, this is where I come in.  I happen to be one of those three children.  So yes, this past Sunday, October 2nd, we celebrated my great grandmother's 96th birthday and my parents 34th wedding anniversary.  Pretty special huh?

Here's a picture of my parents on their wedding day. 

Wasn't she lovely?  And that stud beside her...what a looker!

34 years later.  Still going strong.

 Three grown children

 Six precious grandchildren

Congratulations Mom and Dad!

Here are a few pictures of my beautiful Abuelita Angela, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.  I love her dearly and am very blessed to have her near. (She lives five miles away and comes to stay at our house every weekend Fri-Sun.)

  My little girl kissing her great great grandma

Here she is with all three of my children

Four generations of women, my great grandmother Angela, my grandmother Eloisa, myself and my daughter.  (Technically, my daughter is fifth generation.)

 My beautiful granny

Some of Abuelita Angela's family.  Top Row Left to Right:  Her oldest daughter Eloisa, two granddaughters (Julia's daughters), nephew.  Bottom row:  I'm the one on her left and her youngest daughter Julia is on her right.

A few of the great grandchildren and great great grandchildren

Yes, October 2nd is truly a special day.


  1. This is a precious post, and I love the story about your family. I think that is so special that you have a great grandmother and grandmother still living, and that your children also get to know her! That is such a blessing! And that is such a sweet wedding picture of your mom and dad. :)

    I hope your week is off to a great start! :)

    {Beautiful Nest}

  2. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing this endearing story about your beautiful family. Looks like you have been blessed many times over:) Have a wonderful day!

  3. Lovely family and lovely attitude towards them! So honoring. I enjoyed knowing that you host her for the weekends. Thanks for sharing!
    Sweet Pea's mom (Mad Merriment)

  4. What a sweet post. How wonderful to have your grandmom and great grandmom around you. This is so very special. Happy b day to your great grandmom and happy anniversary to mom and dad! What a grand day indeed!
    Your daughter is a very pretty child. God bless.

  5. I loved reading this sweet post and seeing pictures of your lovely family. I absolutely love your family and am so blessed to know you all. The first pic of your parents....wow, they look young! Thanks for sharing this touching post with us.
    Haven't been by in a while, sorry. I've been busy getting ready for this little trip I'm taking in a few days. Lol. Only eight more days!!! Can't wait for our weekend of fun. :)

  6. great great grandma,That is very impressive. Such a lovely post all together. Gorgeous children. :)