Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinteresting Kitchens

My sister, over at The Pear Tree Cottage, has announced that she and her husband will soon begin their kitchen remodel.  Right now, they are totally digging the farm house sink with butcher block counter tops combo.  This brought to my mind the many beautiful kitchens I've pinned on my "Kitchens" board lately.  (For those of you not yet familiar with Pinterest, read all about it here.) 

Source: bhg.com via Stacy on Pinterest

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  1. I love farmhouse sinks! Beautiful collection.

  2. I want for our cottage. LOVE them all!

  3. You're back! I'm so glad you see you posted. :)

    I love these kitchens! I know I already have the black countertops to work with but I really want to get the butcher block countertop intstead. I really like the overall look of Flea Market Trixie's kitchen. :)
    I'm so torn because I love the farm style sink as well but I don't think we could do both in the time frame I want the project done. Since our new sink is white, I thought maybe I'll just use that one in the meantime and go ahead and spend the money on the countertops instead.

    ....oh, and I hope to have good news to share soon! :)

  4. I love the same kitchens that you love!...(When I redid ours, I studied and studied the one at "The Old Painted Cottage" - among others.). Thanks for posting all this inspiration.