Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Perfect Day

Some might say that the perfect day is one in which something spectacular happens.  Maybe you spend the day in some exotic place or you shake hands with someone famous that you greatly admire.  Maybe you eat some exquisite cuisine prepared by a world renowned chef,  get invited to a party for the elite,  or see a moving live performance.   My idea of the perfect day may sound quite ordinary to some, but I've learned that the greatest, most precious moments in life happen on ordinary days,  in ordinary places.

The perfect day for me begins with a sweet, wet kiss and an "I love you momma". A tiny little body crawling into my bed, wrapping pudgy little arms around my neck.    On the perfect day, I open  my eyes to the loving gaze of an amazing man whom I greatly respect.  Such a day is filled with the excited giggles of my little ones and the flirtatious teasing of my lover and my friend.   There is no need to go far to have a fabulous time.  All it takes is a trip to the neighborhood park, to the local restaurant, to the corner ice cream shop;  holding hands, telling jokes, laughing till our sides hurt,  sharing stories,  exploring,  learning, and loving. It doesn't require weeks of planning, traveling long distances, or  hundreds of dollars.   In summery, the perfect day for me is spent enjoying precious moments with those I love the most.

Yesterday was the perfect day;  a day spent romping around a nearby park, exploring and enjoying nature.  Then eating pizza at our favorite local restaurant and finally, arriving home to crawl under the covers for bedtime stories.  Yes,  there was a scrapped knee, some whining and many potty breaks, but those too are ingredients of my perfect day.  Kissing a boo-boo and wiping a tear, teaching independence and easing their fears,  how sweet it is. 

It borders the Hudson River, with a view of New York
and the George Washington Bridge.

 Beautiful winding road

Beneath the George Washington Bridge

 Steep wall of rock

Shots of the George Washington Bridge taken from the park

Huge fallen tree kept from falling down the mountain side by another slender tree

 Taking a stroll towards Ross Dock

 Long climb up Carpenters Trail

 Up steps, through tunnels, and up more steps

 Breathtaking view from the top


 Waiting out the rain under the trees

 Beautiful rainbow after the downpour

Bike riding in a large empty parking lot

 Yummy Cugino's Pizza

 Mmm-mmm good!

Lovin' mommy and daddy's comfy bed for story time

What is your idea of a perfect day?  


  1. I love this- a perfect day for sure!

  2. This is soooo sweet! Your kids are so adorable and I agree the perfect day involves things that money can't buy, family, love and togetherness (pizza is a nice topper though)

  3. That looks like a great perfect day! That's what life is all about, enjoying the memories and the precious moments you create with your loved ones. :)

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  5. Those are my kind of perfect days too! It doesn't take much, does it? Any day where I get to be with my 3 most favorite people in the world is perfect to me. :-) Your children are so adorable and I just love feeling like I'm getting to know you better through these kind of posts. Thank you so much Stacy for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday!

  6. caught the more ways than one...what beautiful photos to mark that gem of a day for memory's sake...thanks for sharing at fridays unfolded!

    stuff and nonsense

  7. these are the kind of precious moments your children will remember when they grow up. They'll remember all the fun they had going with mommy & daddy to the park and stopping by to eat pizza on their way home. They'll remember how fun it was to hide beneath the trees to keep dry from the rain and all the smiles shared on special days like this. I love days like this, when what begins as an ordinary day becomes a day we will always remember. Oh, and you're becoming quiet the photographer over there. Miss you and hope to see you soon!