Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've Gotta Be Quick!

Really gotta hurry! You wondering why the rush? :o)  Well,  my parents are here!  Yep, they are and every moment of my time with them is precious. My daily routines and activities have screeched to a halt.  My complete focus is on them.   We are all enjoying their company so much.   The only thing that dampens our joy is knowing that this time together will soon end.  L.M.M.  has become her grandpa's shadow and every time she sees him heading downstairs she frantically repeats, "Don't go home, wito.  Don't go home!"  It's heart wrenching.  I truly hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Below are a few pictures of our special evening.  Because we were so busy cooking up many delicious dishes, our table setting and decor is simple and, quite frankly, not great, (the kids also took it upon themselves to rearrange a few things) but the space was greatly adorned with love, laughter, and joy. :o)  As usual, the last picture is an endearing potrait of the Tremendously Terrific Trio.  Buh-bye ya'll!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Allow me to inspire you...

by sharing some amazing before and after pictures of Jennifer's lovely cottage. I've been a faithful visitor of her adorable blog, The Old Painted Cottage,  for almost a year now.  You will see from these pictures that she's very talented and her home is truly awe-inspiring.  We will begin with the living room, which she just recently redid. (See and read more about it here and here)  I will follow the living room pictures with kitchen and dining room pictures.  These two will most assuredly pull the oo's and aw's right out of you! (See and read more about them here and here)  Enjoy!

*Click on picture to enlarge
 Living Room Before

...and the breathtaking After!

From another angle...Before

...and After!

A few other pictures of this space for your viewing pleasure

Now, on to the kitchen. 

The "cringe worthy"

and the amazing 

 Dining Room

Wow huh?!   This is just a tiny taste of what you can see on Jennifer's blog so ...click on over there and feast your eyes on Cottage8 (read why it's called that here).

So, did this spectacular home transformation  motivate you to strive towards making your home come together in an inviting and lovely way?  I know it did me.  Speaking of which,  we were very busy over here in New Jersey last week,  preparing for the special visit of the girls, my dearest Lisa, Enny, and Bonnie.  Guess what we did?!  We painted the kitchen! Yep, we did.  Remember the dark paneling? (Eww!) Here,  this will help jog your memory.

Stay tuned to see how a little paint and a lot of tedious work have made a huge difference in this room!  We also hung curtains on our living room bay window, so I'll share pictures of that.  Lastly, I'll soon give you all the details of the past four marvelous days spent with the girls!   Love you!