The valley of surrender is higher than the 
summit of one's self.   -I.M.

Below is a picture of our little "church", where we gather weekly with about 15 others to study the Bible, worship, and pray together.  Yep, that is also our living room.  Pretty soon we will need a bigger place. Allow me to explain. Until August of 2010,  my husband and I were living in Texas, which is where I was born and we were both raised.  I'd lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area of Texas my whole life.  Both my husband's parents and mine, as well as extended family and all of our friends live there as well.  In June of 2010 we made the decision to leave it all behind and move to north New Jersey to begin a home-based ministry of sharing our faith with others.  Although quite fearful of what might lay ahead for us, we packed up all of our belongings and set out by faith.  God has been faithful.  We have met the neatest people, made wonderful friends, weathered a brutal winter, shared the good news of the gospel with many,  prayed for the sick, comforted the hurting, participated in weekly Bible studies, sung hundreds of praise hymns, and much more!  We feel blessed with what the Lord is doing in our lives.   Please check back soon for a more detailed account of how we came to make this decision, what we are currently doing, and what our plans are for the future, with the help of God.