Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I've Gotta Be Quick!

Really gotta hurry! You wondering why the rush? :o)  Well,  my parents are here!  Yep, they are and every moment of my time with them is precious. My daily routines and activities have screeched to a halt.  My complete focus is on them.   We are all enjoying their company so much.   The only thing that dampens our joy is knowing that this time together will soon end.  L.M.M.  has become her grandpa's shadow and every time she sees him heading downstairs she frantically repeats, "Don't go home, wito.  Don't go home!"  It's heart wrenching.  I truly hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Below are a few pictures of our special evening.  Because we were so busy cooking up many delicious dishes, our table setting and decor is simple and, quite frankly, not great, (the kids also took it upon themselves to rearrange a few things) but the space was greatly adorned with love, laughter, and joy. :o)  As usual, the last picture is an endearing potrait of the Tremendously Terrific Trio.  Buh-bye ya'll!


  1. Mmmm...all of that food is making me hungry! It looks like y'all had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner of there in North Bergen. I'm so happy your parents were able to visit and spend so many days with you guys. I spoke to both of them the day before they left and your mom already had everything packed and they couldn't wait to get on the plane and fly over there.
    Miss talking with you, call me first chance you get. Love you!

    ....I showed Mayah the kids' picture earlier and she thought it was so sweet that Isaac D. was reading to his little brother & sister. :)

  2. I was wondering when you would post.... :o)
    That table setting was super beautiful, what are you talking about!?
    That platano maduro frito looked finger lickin' good! I missed that this Thanksgiving. Haven't had that in ages!
    So glad you had your parents there so it wouldn't feel so extremely different. I'm sure they didn't want to leave.

    Anyway, the real reason I came to comment is that our web-cam will be here tomorrow!! We (Henry) have been searching the web for the perfect deal on it... and we (he) found it!
    I am so excited!
    We want to talk with you guys and the kids before you head over here.
    Jason looks like he has grown so much! His arms look longer... and Lylita sleeping...AWwwww!

    Love it!

    I am at home this weekend because this week was horrendous! Between parent conferences and trainings and planning I have gotten home late every day! I hate that. I think i actually 'cooked' one day this week! Not counting today.
    Sad. But i made it to the weekend. Whew!

    OK, so I will let you know when it arrives. :o)

    Love you!
    XOXOXOXOXOXo to the kids :o)

  3. Dang girl! That is one Cuban Thanksgiving meal! LOL! I love how Thanksgiving always consists of some Cuban meal or dessert...we kind of make our own little traditions in regards to food...congris, yuca, frijoles negros con arroz blanco! Mmmmm...good stuff :0)

    Anyhow, I am so delighted that you were able to spend Thanksgiving with your parents! I know they couldn't wait to be in NJ with y'all! OH and the table looks nice...I love the little flower arrangement you put together as a centerpiece(gotta give yourself some credit girly).

    So as you know, we had the baby shower on the 21st and I must say...it was so strange without you there. Thankfully, everything was a success and Kaynee did a wonderful job directing all the games and keeping the crowd alive through it all :) Lisa did a wonderful job with planning and decorations (as usual) but I must say, we really missed your presence there. I will try sending you some pictures soon :0)

    Bueno girly, hope all is well with you, your hubby & the kiddos. I love and miss y'all very mucho! :0)