Monday, November 8, 2010

Allow me to inspire you...

by sharing some amazing before and after pictures of Jennifer's lovely cottage. I've been a faithful visitor of her adorable blog, The Old Painted Cottage,  for almost a year now.  You will see from these pictures that she's very talented and her home is truly awe-inspiring.  We will begin with the living room, which she just recently redid. (See and read more about it here and here)  I will follow the living room pictures with kitchen and dining room pictures.  These two will most assuredly pull the oo's and aw's right out of you! (See and read more about them here and here)  Enjoy!

*Click on picture to enlarge
 Living Room Before

...and the breathtaking After!

From another angle...Before

...and After!

A few other pictures of this space for your viewing pleasure

Now, on to the kitchen. 

The "cringe worthy"

and the amazing 

 Dining Room

Wow huh?!   This is just a tiny taste of what you can see on Jennifer's blog so on over there and feast your eyes on Cottage8 (read why it's called that here).

So, did this spectacular home transformation  motivate you to strive towards making your home come together in an inviting and lovely way?  I know it did me.  Speaking of which,  we were very busy over here in New Jersey last week,  preparing for the special visit of the girls, my dearest Lisa, Enny, and Bonnie.  Guess what we did?!  We painted the kitchen! Yep, we did.  Remember the dark paneling? (Eww!) Here,  this will help jog your memory.

Stay tuned to see how a little paint and a lot of tedious work have made a huge difference in this room!  We also hung curtains on our living room bay window, so I'll share pictures of that.  Lastly, I'll soon give you all the details of the past four marvelous days spent with the girls!   Love you!


  1. Stacy, those pictures are truly inspiring! It makes me want to whip out a paintbrush and tackle my kitchen. Sadly, I do not think it will be done anytime soon since we are focusing on finishing other areas first. Isaac Daniel's expression on that last picture filled my heart with tenderness, he has such a kind and gentle spirit. I miss you guys so much. Especially now with what Jedrix and I are going through, I just feel like I need my little sister! I love you.

  2. Wow! I love these pictures. Like Belky said, it makes you want to bring out your paintbrush and start painting. I will definitely be visiting her blog to get more inspiration ideas for my home remodeling projects.
    On to your kitchen, now that I see the before pictures, I realize what a HUGE difference a little paint has made. It looks so much nicer and inviting now. I'm glad I was able to see it in person during my visit so I could appreciate the new look better.
    Words cannot express how grateful I am for having been able to spend a few days over there with you and the family, along with Enny and Banny. I am grateful that Jesse and my mom helped me with the kids while away and also financially. Thank you for being such a great host and making our stay so welcoming and comfortable. I am also grateful to your sweet family for sharing you with me for the time that I was there. I know your kids are used to having mommy's attention all to themselves. I'm glad they still remember me. Lylah even asked me for Isaiah when she saw me.:) Also, Isaac was so kind to be our faithful and patient guide, driver, babysitter, etc., while we explored NY. He even made us those huge yummy pancakes. Also, I enjoyed being able to see the grandmas too. Tell Eloisa thank you for making us dinner on Friday, it was delicious. I'm sure I told her, but you can tell her again just in case.
    I am happy that we were able to spend the Sabbath over there and meet some of the people. It really brought joy to my heart to see the love that they have for you guys. I can tell that they already know what special people you two are. I am so happy that God has put such nice people in your lives over there.
    I had so much fun with you and the girls exploring NJ and NY. Too many things to write on here, but I'll be sure to make a post on my blog soon on my perspective of the trip over there.
    Love you and can't wait to see you about six weeks. Let the next countdown begin!

  3. Thank you for posting photos of our home! I can't wait to watch the unfolding of your kitchen, like you said, it's amazing what a little paint and a lot of hard work can do! By the way, your Tremendously Terrific Trio is adorable!


  4. Contrary to the whole "busting out with the paint brushes" feeling, seeing the trasformation was lovely but i only see the days of the mess, the dust, the not finding stuff, and the paint in my hair....*shiver* I am allergic to construction and re-modeling projects it seems. I lived through too many as a child and the chaos traumatized me.
    I am too set in my ways of organization and routine i guess.
    I know a house needs it now and again out of necessity, but i am of the thinking that i would have to just pay someone to do it for me and I go away on a long weekend and come back when they're done. ;o)
    Plus I so dont have ideas for what to do or how to get it to look cohesive. My house will end up looking like a classroom!! hahaha!!
    I dont know, i can always hire you. :o)
    Just as long as i get the kids while you work.

    But I know you get excited to re-model and stuff so yaii for you! I can appreciate the before and after like the next guy. Im just the one weirdo thinking " Whew, glad it's not me having to do all that" in my head.


    Love you guys!

    Thanks for the picture of the kids! Jason has gone through a growth spurt wow! and Lylah too!
    Man I can't wait to see you guys!