Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let No One Despise Your Youth...

...but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. 1 James 4:12

October is Youth Month for Soldiers of the Cross churches internationally. Our youth leader for the northern region of the United States, Edwin Cruz Abreu (Tito), organized a special event that was held here in North Bergen last Sunday.  We had youth come from Maryland, Philadelphia, and Camden; a total of 60 people attended.  Due to the restricted space of our current location, we held the service at a nearby establishment.  We sincerely appreciate the generosity of the CuGino's Pizzeria and Ristorante owner and staff for their great service and kindness. 

After the special program and delicious meal, we went as  a group to a beautiful park off of River Rd. in Weehawken.  The park is about a mile from our house on the banks of the Hudson with a spectacular view of the New York City skyline.

Our sister Belkis Fortuna, a very talented photographer, took the following pictures of New York from the park that day.   The event was a real success.  In everything, may the Lord's name be glorified.

Moving on to another subject all together, I cannot contain my excitement!  My dear, dear friend Lisa, along with Enny and Bonnie, will be coming to visit me this Thursday! Lisa and I have been friends for over 10 years and have lived no further than a block away from each other for 7 of those 10+ years.  This separation has been so difficult for both of us, heart wrenchingly painful in fact.  I am overjoyed to finally be able to show her my new home, take her to the store where I buy my groceries, to the park where the children play, etc.  For so long, I've shared every aspect of my life with her and she has been so intimately acquainted with the details of my daily activities, that the thought of settling into my life here and not sharing any of it with her was unfathomable to me.   So, what if there is no QuickTrip here for us to go to at 2 am?  There's a QuickCheck baby!  Lol!  

The Lord has been so gracious and loving toward me, holding my hand through this whole separation process.  He allowed me to make the trip down to Texas 2 weeks ago, to enjoy the precious companionship of my loved ones.  Now, in 5 days, I will have my wonderful friend Lisa here with me.  My parents will then be coming to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday, along with my in-laws. A short two weeks after that visit, with the Lord's help, we will be traveling down to Texas with the whole family for Christmas!  You think that's amazing?  There's more!  My little brother will be traveling back with us from Texas after the holidays and will be here for a week or so.  Has not my Father been good, cushioning the difficult shock of isolation with these visits? The Lord is good. I've tried Him time and time again, and found Him faithful every time.  To Him be all honor, glory and praise for what he has done and is doing yet in my life.

**Now, I will just continue to pray for the Lord to bring my lovely sister, whom I also miss desperately, my "sister from another mister" Lisita, whom I love, my dear cousins Kaynita and Michelle, sweet Lulu,.....I could go on and on.  You think I'm pushing it? Most definitely not!  My God is a big God and if faith can move mountains, it can bring Texas to New Jersey!  Love you all!



  1. Wow, those pics are awesome! She really is gifted.
    Thanks for posting!

    Thank God for His ever present help in time of trouble. I'm glad you are settling in and still get to keep your past ties and friendships. It will be harder over the long run of years but God always puts great new people in our lives that add wonderful dimensions to our lives.
    We do miss you guys very much, but like me and Lisa were talking late last night in the Lock In, somehow you have to keep going and doing the stuff you always did. (Like the Lock In)It somehow feels wrong to do something like the Lock In without you guys, but life goes on. It doesn't seem fair, but life is that way.

    We as adults understand life's twists and turns a bit better but children ... I miss the kids in a different way. They will grow out of their old life and friends a lot sooner... I wish they were still here to hold and hug, and kiss, and laugh with. :o( Not that i don't miss you and Isaac too, but you know...
    Tonight I am having a World Series watching party at my apartment. It would be so cool to have Isaac with the guys here...and you to talk to in my room with the girls. :o)

    I will post tonight for sure. :o) gonna do that now.


  2. STACY!!! I came on here to write another comment on here, and it seems that my first comment never posted. :( I don't know what happened.
    Can't wait to see that beautiful skyline in person. Thanks for sharing those pictures with us.
    I hadn't really realized just how long we lived so close to each other. Talk about a drastic change. As I've said before many times, I'm so glad we've been able to go through these seasons of life together-newly married and then married with children. :) I can't wait to get a glimpse of your daily life over there. So much to do before I leave but I'm doing it all with joy because I know we're gonna get to spend some much needed time together over there.
    Love you and I'll be seeing you in about 48 hours....I'll text you our flight info.

  3. I left a response to your comment on my blog. Got carried away then realized it was on my own blog! ahhaha! Read it.
    Just dont cry.

  4. Praise the Lord! He is faithfull. His promises are true! Love you loads, Kaynee I'd write more but I start work tomorrow. Waaa!!! Already miss my little girl.

  5. My first visit to your blog, and certainly not the least. The photographs of that skyline is just breathtaking!


  6. Hey sis,
    That skyline does look absolutely amazing.
    I am so glad you guys were able to celebrate such a beautiful youth event. I feel such joy every time you share about what God is doing in the lives of others through your ministry. It makes me feel just a tad bit better about being separated from you by such a long distance. It also reminds me of the lyrics to "Worth It All" by Rita Springer. I believe that all the pain of separation and the difficulties along the way are going to be worth it. He is so worth it!
    love you,