Monday, September 6, 2010

More pictures!

So, here I am, finally posting the second batch of house pictures. =)  I'm including pictures of the dining room, kitchen, and the finished part of the basement (the unfinished area has exposed pipes and houses the furnace/ boiler).  There are before and after pictures of a few of the areas.

We will begin with the dining room:
Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Close up of Table Centerpiece

Back Wall of the Kitchen ("Mudroom" =) Before

Back Wall of the Kitchen ("Mudroom" =)After
 Kitchen Window Above the Sink (Love this feature!) sink is green. =)
It is a great size though, which is very convenient.
Here is the view out my window of our back door, stoop and "backyard".
That brick wall you see in the back is actually a side of the Fire and Rescue Dept. Building.
Below is the view as you walk through the front door.
To the right are the stairs to the upstairs and the kitchen at the end of the hall.

Other Kitchen Pictures

The landlord has given me permission to paint the dark wood paneling but...
I'm not sure now I want to go through the trouble seeing as this is a rental and all.
Ok..Below are step by step pictures entering and touring basement.
Above is the door to the basement which is found under the stairway.
Below you see the stairs leading down to the basement.
Above is little restroom that is to the left as you come down.
Above is little landing area to the right of the stairs. The door leads to the laundry room.
Below is the laundry room.  Love the window in here as well.  Can see the little backyard from it.

Washer and Dryer that came with the house are great.
Below a picture of little landing area from the laundry room looking out.

Wow! Lots of pictures this time.  Now you've taken a complete tour of our home. Well, except for the attic and back room which we are currently using for storage.  I'll post pictures of those areas next, as well as some better pics of the outside of the house.  Love you guys!  We gotta run.  We are going to my cousin Liberty's house for a Labor Day cook out.  Please leave a little comment for me. They brighten up my day. =)

Hugs and Kisses from...


  1. ok, so it works. What i did was get a gmail account. :o)
    Love the pictures, so quaint and well decorated. You gotta admit that was fun, right?

    We miss you guys too! we are going to have our first women's meeting since way long time ago, this week at my apartment. Lisa contacted me about it. we are going to listen to the third part of a Bob Lapine message on What men wish their wives knew about being their wives...or something like that.
    Should be nice.

    Wish you were here....


  2. I love part 2 of your house as much as part 1. :) It just looks so cozy. I really like the mudroom, it's so cute. Now I need to find a place to set up a mudroom area in my house...I want one! lol. Stacy as I was looking at the pics, I was thinking how blessed you are to have found a house with so many rooms up north. I've seen various home shows that were located up north and a lot of times it is hard to find one with lots of bedrooms, a separate dining area, and with a laundry room. You have a house with all three, and that's a huge blessing.
    Glad to know you'll be enjoying the day eating good food and spending time with family up there. Love you all and can't wait til I get there so I can have a live tour of the house. :)

  3. Stacy, I miss you so much I am in tears as I write this. For some reason I am missing you more as the days pass instead of less. I miss so much sharing the things I am doing to the house or with the kids with you. I really wish this were all a dream and that I could wake up and it would all be over and you were here again with us.
    On a brighter note the dining room looks amazing. The console table looks beautiful there with the mirror above it. I also really like the mudroom area. It looks so perfect for that space not to mention cute too.
    I really love and miss you.

  4. Simply exquisite! That dining room reminds me of something out of a Jane Austin movie. Love the house and the way you’ve decorated. That enclosed back yard is perfect for the kids to play in as you do the dishes. It’s a very comfy and spacious house. The Lord has blessed ya’ll abundantly. I’m so glad you’ve shared the pictures with us. Miss you very much! Love, Kaynee

  5. Thank you girls! I'm glad ya'll like the way the house is coming along. I am very comfortable. Belkita, I love you so dearly. I miss you terribly as well. Your comment now has me in tears. It all is starting to feel more real, more permanent now. Please start adding pictures to your blog and give me the link so that I can watch the house change into the beautiful home I know you are going to transform it into. Lisa...I can't wait to see you! There is a deep ache inside my chest as I think of all of you getting together for the Women's meeting without me. Michelle and Kaynee, thanks for creating accounts and commenting! It means a lot. I love you all so much and miss you more than words can express.