Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inspiration Pictures

As the majority of you know, I love home decorating.  For fun, I can spend hours at a time browsing pictures of beautifully decorated rooms online.  I occasionally save a picture when it especially stands out to me. I've decided that every so often I will post a few of those pictures here for your enjoyment.  Maybe you can glean fresh, new ideas for your home.

Today I'd like to share pictures of a game room I found a while back. Also great for a home school classroom.  Just love this one.  Here is the link to Kate's cute blog where you can read more on how she transformed this space.  Love and miss you all!


  1. I had posted a really nice long post but then i lost it all so now i dont really feel like re typin git.. ;o( maybe another day.

  2. Hey, just got on again to see what Kaynee had posted. I spent some time with her and Jaylee and she told me that she had checked it last night too. :o)
    I feed Jaylee and she fell asleep on me ... such a sweet baby! She is getting darker every week and chubbier too. So precious though. Wish I could take a pic.

    I am (we all are) excited that you will be able to join us for the Woman's Conference. How will you arrange the kids to be cared for? Isaac is up for three or more days alone with them? That's a tall order but man it would be awesome if you came. :o)

    On other news...Misael announced last night that He and Kaynee will be moving someplace in Texas to open a mission by next summer. :o(
    They havn't seen where or anything yet. It will be where ever she can find work but .... yeah... all the good people are leaving. *sigh*
    At least we can see them more often... but whatever, everyone's gotta do what they gotta do. :o) It is something that Misael had wanted since he got here but now it just all sped up it seems.
    Another sweet girl we wont see grow up. :o(

    We have always lived so close together all our lives, now that we are spreading out over the country is just weird...doesn't feel right!

    I trust God and whatever He is doing with every individual family is not my concern, but it's still sad and an adjustment.

    Anyway, hope you post soon. :o)

    Love Mitch

  3. Love the inspiration pics! I especially like the wall with that huge map. I loved your last post Stacy. Jedrix and I spent quite some time reading through it and laughing our heads off. The kids were adorable! Miss you guys like crazy! On a positive note I am extremely excited about seeing you at the woman's conference. The thought of seeing you so soon helps a bit when I get too sad. I can't wait =)!