Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Buckaroos

Howdy Ya'll!

I’m exhausted! Plumb tuckered out, I tell ya. My calves and back ache from the hundreds of trips I’ve taken up and down the stairs today.  Down to the kitchen for breakfast, down another flight to the basement to put a load to wash, up two flights to the second floor bedrooms to make the beds, down to the kitchen to put the beans to cook, up to start home schooling in the classroom, down two flights to the basement to put the clothes to dry, up to the kitchen to turn off the stove…but wait…I’ve got to run up stairs to the bathroom where Lylah just went to the potty by herself and is screaming “MOMMY!” at the top of her lungs, …aahh….rush back downstairs after helping L.M. because I forgot to turn off the stove.  *Pant, pant, pant*  Sheesh, I know thuh exer-saz is good fer me n all but cum evenin’ time I’m ‘bout ready tuh pass out!

Tee hee! Yep, I love me sum good’ ole Texas Twang.  =)  Miss hearing it, actually.

I’d like to share with all of you who love and miss our 3 buckaroos, how they are settling in and what they’re up to.   

Of the three children, I.D. has struggled the most.  He’s older and better understands that this is permanent and that we will be seeing very little of the people we love.  He is not sad or down throughout the day, but will cry when he speaks with his grandparents, cousins, friends, etc.  I think it’s really been the hardest thing for me.  It kills me to see him hurting.  Yes, I confess, I cry when I see him cry.

J.H. is handling it much better.  When he sees I.D. crying, he asks me, “Mommy, why am I not crying?” Then after a pause he says, “I know why mommy.  It’s because I know I’m going to see everybody again.”   He’s even taken to beginning all his prayers with, “Thank you God, for bringing us to New Jersey.”  It's a relief to see him adjusting so well.  

L.M. is still her happy, energetic, inquisitive self.  When asked if she likes her new home she says, “Dis not home!  Dis New Yersey!” Every time she catches a glimpse of the New York City skyline as we are driving around town she screams, “Look! New York Yity!”  Lol!

We officially started our home school year two weeks ago.  We spent the first few days adjusting to the new schedule and now everything is running pretty smoothly.  For those of you who wish to know what we are doing this year, here is a brief list:

I.D.:  Writing:  Zaner-Blosser (Upon completion will be starting Writing With Ease);  Grammer:  First Language Lessons;  Reading:  Ordinary Parents Guide, Oral Reading, Explode the Code WB;  Math:  Saxon;  Histroy:  Story of the World;  Science:   InquisiKids: Discover and Do (experiments);    Bible:  Singing Through the Bible A-Z, Egermeier’s Story Bible

J.H. (CAN READ!! WooHoo!)- Writing:  Zaner-Blosser; Reading:  Ordinary Parents Guide, Bob books Oral Reading, Explode the Code WB;  Math:  Saxon;  Histroy:  Story of the World;  Science:   InquisiKids: Discover and Do (experiments);    Bible:  Singing Through the Bible A-Z, Egermeier’s Story Bible

L.M.-  Potty Training 101 =) 

We've already joined the local chapter of the New Jersey Home Schooling Association.  We are looking forward to our first field trip with the group.  We are going apple picking!  That's this Friday, Lord willing.
I thank God because we are able to bring the kids along with us as we do the work of the Lord. There are three bible studies or "casa cultos" we give a week and the kids accompany us.  One is in a nursing home and the other two are in the homes of elderly ladies of our congregation.  At first, sitting through it was a bit hard for them but now...they are doing great.  Not only has their behavior improved but they love participating.   There have been a couple of Friday nights that we've been alone for the service (just DH, the kids, and I) and it's been great to see how they are so eager to sing, read the bible, and pray.  A few Friday's ago the service consisted of:  I.D.  singing "A Shelter in the Time of Storm" and reading Psalms 23 aloud, J.H. praying a special prayer for God to bring lost souls to hear His Word, and L.M. singing "I've Got The Joy Down In My Heart".  It's really great.  Praise God.
Alrighty everyone...you have now officially been updated on how the kids are doing.

We love and miss you all so much!

Oh, wait...one last minute announcement.  I'm going to Fort Worth on Oct. 14 for the True Woman Conference!!  Woo hoo!  Yipee!  Hip Hip Hooray! I'd like to thank everyone who is going to help make my trip over there possible.  Thanks Lisa for all the organizing and planning.  Love you!  I can't wait to see you guys!



  1. stacy, the the children are getting so big. we miss yall so much. Thankyou for taking time off of your busy day to update us about your family. It makes it alot better to know we stay connected. God bless

  2. Love this entry. Thanks for sharing pics of Lylah's special day and their new year of homeschooling. Mayah thought their silly pictures were, well silly. LOL It looks like you and Isaac are doing a great job at helping the kids adjust and make things as smooth and fun for them as possible. They are already creating fun memories of their life in NJ. :)
    And I can't wait to see you, we're so excited over here. Love you guys!

  3. ...oh, and Mayah wants me to post her video of her reciting The Caterpillar when she memorizes it just like Isaac D. So he sees that she's learning the same thing he is. :)