Monday, September 27, 2010

Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

You might remember that I mentioned a couple of posts back that we would be taking a field trip with our home schooling support group to an apple orchard to pick apples.  Well, unfortunately we were unable to take the trip with the group because our landlord informed us that he had scheduled someone to come out and replace our boiler that very day.  We were all very disappointed but the kiddos found comfort in knowing that we would still be going as a family.  Turns out the man who was going to replace the boiler canceled last minute (the morning of) so we missed the outing for nothing.  =(   On a brighter note, we were able to go yesterday as a family and had a wonderful time.

Demarest Farm is found in Hillsdale, NJ which is about 20 miles to the north of us.  It is a neat place.  I have to say though, if you're looking for a peaceful day out in the country, away from the hustle and bustle of the big not come here. Lol!  It was soooo crowded! Long lines for find a parking spot, to get the tickets,  for the hayride to and from the orchard. But... even though it wasn't exactly a quiet day out in the country, it was definitely interesting and entertaining. There is lots of ethnic diversity here and there were so many different kinds of people. Made for some great people watching. :) The kids loved it.  The orchard was amazing.  I'd never been to one.  Row after row of apple trees.  Thousands of apples everywhere... on the trees, all over the ground, in bags, baskets, and buckets.  There were yellow ones, green ones, red ones, with darker and lighter shades of each.  Some were huge, others tiny.  Some were past their time and others not yet ready to be picked. The air smelled of fermented fruit and there were bumble bees everywhere.   We had lots of fun.  We came home with two bags full of apples so we'll be having lots of apple around here.  Let's see.....there's apple pie, apple sauce, apple juice.  I'm even using apples on display for decorative purposes. =)

Overall, it was a great day.  As she was dosing off to sleep last night, L.M. said in a groggy voice,  "Mommy, I love apple piting."  Gotta say that her comment made all the looking for parking, standing in line, and chaos of the day worth it.

One last thing before I leave you.  As many of you know, my grandmas are moving over here.  They will be living with me (yipee!) so Isaac and I have been hard at work fixing up their room to make it cozy and inviting. They arrive this Wednesday.  Stay tuned, because when we have completed the project, I will be sharing pictures of the finished product with you.

Love you all!  Leave a little comment won'tcha?


  1. That stinks that you missed the homeschooling outing but I'm glad y'all were able to go apple picking together as a family. It looks like the kids had a lot of fun. Seeing the pic of Isaac holding the apples on that stick makes me think of books like Little House on the Prairie or Tom Sawyer. lol
    I read the entry portion about your grandmothers moving up there to Mayah. She asked why they were moving up there and I told her it was so they could be close to you all. She then asked why we couldn't move up there too since we are all good friends. Kids are too sweet.:)

  2. ....don't forget about apple cobbler, apple turnovers, and the easiest, just eat the apple as is. lol

  3. I saw this post earlier this morning and posted but it didn't let me then either.
    Second try.
    Love the pictures and the apples look yummy. Loved the "apple piting" too...told Henry about it as soon as I got home.

    We will be sending her b-day gifts this week. :o)

    Have a horrible headache. think it has turned into a sinus headache...going to the Dr. tomorrow. :o(

    Hope you respond soon.


  4. Stacy,
    I just posted a comment on your last post before I saw this one. Oh well! I am so glad you were able to enjoy this beautiful field trip with your family. I am also glad the grandmas are arriving soon, what a blessing! I miss you guys so much but am happy to see you all adjusting so well.
    Love you!

  5. I so enjoyed these pictures. I feel like reaching into the computer and giving those three kids a great big kiss. Even if Lylah wipes it off and screams “noo!” :o) Can’t wait till I can do all these fun things with my little one. I’m craving an apple all of a sudden. Hmm… I’ll have a big, juicy, tangy, green one please. All I have to say is you’re a great mom! I now realize what a challenge it is to raise a child. It is hard work! Feel like I’m working harder now than when I am at ‘work’. I’m enjoying every minute of it though. Especially when she gives me that toothless little smile in the morning. It makes all the lack of sleep and craziness all worth it. Glad Angela and Eloisa are coming to live with you guys. NJ will definitely seem more like home because of the added family. Plus, think of all the mommy and daddy time you can have if Eloisa is willing to watch the kiddos ;o)

  6. Hey, just wanted to let you know that Lylah's gifts are STILL in my backseat.
    Been just terrible to get to the post office!

    I think i will just give them to you when you come, yeah?

    On other news, I have created a blog. Yeah, crazy right. I may not have time to ever post but I wanted to try. I tried to make it nice like yours but I have no idea where you found that cute background and put it in there.
    Mines very generic looking.


  7. Hey mitch,

    You've got a blog! Yipee! You can find nice layouts online available for free download. You can just google free blogger backgrounds or layouts. Here are a couple of sites I've seen:

    They have instructions on how to apply the free backgrounds to your page. You can also get free headers, buttons, etc. So happy you've going to create one. =) Send me a link to it so I can become a follower.

    Girls, I can't wait to see you all!!! We can catch up this weekend! Love ya'll!!

  8. Kaynita, I am get to see Jaylee and hold her!!! I'm so excited! See ya!! How many exclamation marks can I use in one comments? Lots!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause I am so happy!!!!!! hahaha! =) !!!!!!!!!

  9. awww... we are very excited to see you too!! :o)
    Thanks for answering.

    Thanks for the links i will work on that.



    Here it is. Kinda long.